Script editor

Write and edit SQL queries with ease

Advanced tables from raw data using SQL

Combine data from multiple sources, join tables, manipulate data,  cast data types, and craft new calculated fields, measures etc.

Syntax highlighting and auto-completion

Write code with ease, with the editor highlighting keywords and suggesting relevant options as you type.

Debug in place

Test specific parts of your query by selecting them and running it allowing you to iterate and refine your transformations

Also you can track jobs for both successful queries and any errors encountered.

Schema browser

Effortlessly navigate your warehouse schemas and tables

Easily search for tables, view column details, and add them directly to your queries with a simple double-click.

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Write efficient and maintainable SQL scripts with variables

Define local and global variables to hold reusable values, keeping your code organised, efficient and reducing redundancy.

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Automate your data refreshes

Schedule your SQL transforms to run automatically at predefined intervals, such as hourly, daily, weekly, or at a custom interval ensuring  always up-to-date data for analysis.

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View Activity

Clear audit trail for your transforms

View a detailed history of all actions performed on your SQL transforms, including creation, editing, execution, and any errors encountered.

Track all actions, identify who made changes, and foster effective collaboration within your team.

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Advanced Settings & Workflows

SQL Transform offers a range of advanced settings to tailor your data manipulation process to your specific needs.

Data Management

Cleanup External Tables

Working with external tables?

Utilise the Cleanup feature to automatically remove existing data before executing your script and recreate it afterwards, maintaining data integrity.

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Managed Data Loading

Prevent Report Disruptions

Dropping tables to refresh data in query can disrupt reports that rely on those tables.

With Managed Data Loading, Sprinkle handles data transfer between a temporary table and your final table, ensuring that reports remain functional during transformations.

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Incremental Processing

Optimise Processing

For large datasets, leverage Incremental Processing.

This feature focuses on updating only new or changed data, significantly reducing processing time and resource usage.

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Hear it from our customers

Some of the most memorable reviews we have received from our  customers.

“With Sprinkle, we’re able to query data across datasets much more quickly. I can run any query I need and get data within seconds, as opposed to doing it the traditional way of coding.

Balkrishna Jeph

VP Engineering (ML/AI) @ BrightMoney

“Sprinkle has an easy to understand UI. It makes code debugging easier and more effective. It helps us in creating effective reports for teams.”

Nikita Gupta

Senior data analyst @ LeadSquared

“Sprinkle is very useful. It’s easily accessible by multiple users.  The auto-suggestion feature & to be able to create flows helping in staging tables is quite helpful.”

Joel Dominic Pereira

Operations Specialist @ Yulu