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AWS Redshift

AWS Athena

Google Big Query

Azure Synapse



SQL Server


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Connect Your Warehouse to Build Powerful Visualizations & Dashboards

Seamless Data Access

All your analytical data is stored and queried from your data warehouse.

Sprinkle seamlessly integrates with various popular warehouses, allowing you to leverage your existing data infrastructure for insightful reports and dashboards.

Unmatched Data Security

Sprinkle prioritizes your data security.

We don't store any of your data on our servers. All data remains secure within your chosen data warehouse.

Sprinkle only queries the warehouse to generate reports and dashboards.

Efficient Data Processing

Sprinkle utilizes a cloud storage bucket to store temporary data and report caches.

During the data processing and report generation, Sprinkle might use intermediate files.

The "Add Storage" section allows you to configure a cloud storage bucket associated with your data warehouse for this purpose.


Unify Data from Any System

If your data is fragmented in different systems, Sprinkle helps you unify all your data into your data warehouse using our native connectors.

Sprinkle provides 25+ ready to use connectors supporting ingestion from:

  • Databases (on-premise and cloud)
  • Applications (CRM, marketing tools, etc.)
  • Files (CSV, Excel)
  • Events And more!
See all connectors

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Trusted by hundreds of professionals

Some of the most memorable reviews we have received from our  customers.

Sprinkle helped me build pipelines with ease incredibly useful for building my data pipelines. My team can easily access and understand the data with platform's user-friendly interface.

Joel Dominic Pereira

Operations Specialist @ BrightMoney

With easy data extraction and good business analytics, Sprinkle is helping us make informed decisions towards achieving our business goals.

Kaushal Mayekar

Assistant Director @ Yulu

Sprinkle’s Quick data integration options for diverse data sources & automation of repetitive reporting tasks, is a huge save on time for the Data Engineers & Analysts.

Unnati Jaiswal

Senior Data Analyst @ BYJU’s

After evaluating several other products, we ultimately decided to use Sprinkle because it offered a comprehensive solution. It had everything we needed for data integration, modeling, and visualisation.

Ramakrishna Gorty

Associate Vice President @ AceTurtle

Sprinkle is a must-have tool for companies on their data journey of building the data stack. It reduces manual effort by providing automation and gives companies the flexibility to work with different datasets from multiple sources.

Manish Kumar Jain

AVP, Data Engineering @ Aavas Financiers