Google Data Studio vs Sprinkle Analytics

GDS Alternative:
Sprinkle Analytics, a no-code data analytics tool

Sprinkle Analytics is a good alternative to Google Data Studio due to its better integration with other data sources and self-serve data exploration capabilities

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If you are currently using Google Data Studio, you might face following problems

Lack of function support

Data Studio is still nowhere close to the number of built-in data processing functions supported by standard BI tools. It even misses some basic functions required frequently for aggregating data.

No Realtime updates in Dashboards

Dashboard data is not automatically refreshed. You have to rely on third party browser plugins.

Slow Speed when using Live Connection

Loading the dashboard becomes exponentially slow with the increase in complexity of the view. This is a side effect of the live connection mechanism.

Limited self-service data exploration capabilities.

Difficult for non-technical users to explore and drill-down data.

If you face the problems above, then Sprinkle might be a suitable alternative for your organisation.

Sprinkle requires you to have your own data warehouse, however, it provides you with a more flexible and scalable BI platform by centralising the entire data management and de-centralising the data access.

The core technology of Sprinkle is a semantic layer that includes Ingestion, transformation, and data modelling, that runs on top of your own warehouse. This allows data teams to collaborate and work across the entire lifecycle of data, without writing any code. The data modelling layer allows you to create rich OLAP on your data warehouse, enabling non-technical users to do drag-and-drop analysis on their own.
Sprinkle Analytics
Google Data Studio
Self-serve data exploration by non-technical users
Automatic refresh of Dashboards
Embedded Dashboards
Dynamic Drill-Downs
100% Browser Based
Embedded Dashboards
SQL-native Data Modelling
SQL Transforms
Python Transforms
Central data dictionary/catalog
Comments, Tags and Search
Your data lives in warehouse, without need to build extracts
Granular Access Controls
Difficult to acheive
Self-hosting - On-premise
SaaS hosting

Why customers love us ?

David Zakkam By Swiggy

Sprinkle help us run thousands of analyses without any analysts

"Swiggy’s hyperlocal time-critical business model requires quick and accurate insights.Therefore, most business and product teams need to do analyses by themselves. To make this happen, we needed a no-code analysis platform that was feature-rich and easy to use at the same time. Sprinkle has served that purpose very well for us. Today, we have hundreds of business and product users running thousands of analyses every month without the need for any analysts."

David Zakkam
VP Analytics, Swiggy
Swiggy logo

Sprinkle helped us reduce the data dependency on engineering team

"The data team has been able to reduce the data dependency on them. Through the self-serve analytics on Sprinkle, the business & product users are able to get the required data & visualisations with ease themselves. Once the models are set up, it is very easy for users to build on new dashboards, which is very helpful in catering to ad-hoc requests."

Jaideep Dhok
Head Data Engineering, Yulu

Building of data pipeline can be done in no time with Sprinkle

"The tasks like building the data pipeline, which could have easily taken up to 2 weeks, can now be achieved with Sprinkle in a day or so. The reporting tasks that could have easily taken 4 to 8 hours can be done through automation on Sprinkle in half an hour, which is a game-changer for sales."

Sneha Saha
Lead Data Engineer, Byju's

Really flexible,supportive in their client support

"A great data integration tool which helped our company bring together different data sources like MySQL, Mongodb, Segment and S3. It had all we wanted from a data integration and management platform at one place. Moreover the Sprinkle team is really supportive and flexible in their client support and always available even for smaller questions."

Ambalika Smiti
Manager Analytics, Swiggy

Sprinkle made easy to implement projects faster in our org

"Sprinkle helped our analytics team to focus on building models instead of worrying about data. Proactive support from sprinkle makes it easy to implement projects faster in our organisation."

Avinash Kumar
CTO, Aavas Financiers