Scheduled exports

Get Data Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

Have data delivered on your schedule

Schedule Reports and Dashboards

Schedule reports and dashboards to be automatically delivered to individuals or groups at set intervals – daily, weekly, monthly, or a custom cadence that fits your needs.

Customize Delivery for Each Recipient

Don't send generic reports. Apply filters to each scheduled export, ensuring recipients receive data relevant to their role or area of responsibility.

Format and Personalise Emails

Choose the format (CSV/PDF) that works for you and personalise email notifications with custom subject lines and body text.

Data alerts

Create custom alerts based on data thresholds

Get notified instantly via email when predefined data conditions are met.

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Define Custom alert conditions

Set up alerts to trigger when data crosses the thresholds, ensuring you only receive notifications for critical changes.

Catch Issues Early and Mitigate Risk

Move beyond reactive reporting and get notified when key data changes, allowing for immediate action.

Personalise alerts

Personalise email notifications with custom filters, subject lines, body text & previews.

Additional Delivery Options

Sprinkle offers a variety of ways to extend the reach of your data insights:

Embedded Dashboards

Seamlessly embed dashboards for partner or client access (no user accounts required).

Shareable Links

Instantly share Sprinkle entities (reports, dashboards, etc.) with internal colleagues.

Mobile Views

Access and analyze dashboards and reports on the go using the Sprinkle mobile app.

Slack Messages

Receive instant data insights directly within your Slack workspace.

Sprinkle API

Programmatically access and integrate Sprinkle data into custom workflows and applications.


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