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Execute data projects faster and accelerate your data science charter.

Sprinkle at a Glance

100 billion +

Rows Ingested/Day

20 k +


5000 +

Real time Pipelines

Use Cases

* Build powerful dashboards without ETL directly on data warehouse

* Drag and drop interface to build interactive Dashboards without any coding

* Instant business metrics without building the OLAP cube manually

* Embed rich and interactive dashboards in your application

* Build custom dashboards for different customers with ease

* Role based access controls

* Sync data from 50+ datasources into your cloud warehouse in few clicks

* Automatic Schema discovery, Change Data Capture, incremental and snapshot ingestion

* Integrated environment to do EDA and production-ize ML pipeline from the Jupyter notebooks in single-click

* Sharing and Collaboration, Auto-scaling on Kubernetes cluster, Automatic Code and version management

* Define, test and deploy data pipelines in minutes from web console

* No need to define the data dependency rules or data partitions manually

* Bring your own code: Use your existing SQL, python, pySpark code

How it works ?

How Sprinkle Empowers Different Teams

Product & Business Team

Deep Dive into business metrics on your own

Data Science Team

Data prep pipeline using Jupyter Notebooks

Data Analyst Team

Integrate, transform & deploy pipelines faster

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