No-Code Data Analytics

Say Goodbye to writing queries and adhoc scripts.
Sprinkle lets you Integrate, Model and Analyse data without writing any code.

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Use Cases

* Build powerful dashboards without ETL directly on data warehouse

* Drag and drop interface to build interactive Dashboards without any coding

* Instant business metrics without building the OLAP cube manually

* Embed rich and interactive dashboards in your application

* Build custom dashboards for different customers with ease

* Role based access controls

* Sync data from 100+ datasources into your cloud warehouse in few clicks

* Automatic Schema discovery, Change Data Capture, incremental and snapshot ingestion

* Integrated environment to do EDA and production-ize ML pipeline from the Jupyter notebooks in single-click

* Sharing and Collaboration, Auto-scaling on Kubernetes cluster, Automatic Code and version management

* Define, test and deploy data pipelines in minutes from web console

* No need to define the data dependency rules or data partitions manually

* Bring your own code: Use your existing SQL, python, pySpark code

Built natively for Cloud Data Warehouses

Integrate and analyze data on Athena, Redshift or Snowflake in just few clicks

Integrate and analyze data on Synapse, HDInsight or Snowflake in just few clicks

Integrate and analyze data on BigQuery or Snowflake in just few clicks

Sprinkle at a Glance

100 billion +

Rows Ingested/Day

20 k +


5000 +

Real time Pipelines

How it works ?

Why do data teams love Sprinkle ?

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