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Get rid of challenges and inefficiencies in accessing, preparing, integrating and making data available. Using Sprinkle, you can integrate data from any source, transform using Jupyter notebooks, productionize a full end-to-end realtime pipeline and dashboard in minutes.

Sprinkle at a Glance

100 billion +

Rows Ingested/Day

20 k +


5000 +

Real time Pipelines

How Sprinkle Empowers Different Teams

Product & Business Team

Self-served analytics with minimal interface

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Data Science Team

Implementing high-level AI and ML modules

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Data Analyst Team

Open platform that's portable and flexibile

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Why Choose Sprinkle?

With Sprinkle, what you build is portable. You are not locked into proprietary technologies. Sprinkle works with all leading Analytics and Data science open source tools. Below are the benefits of choosing Sprinkle.

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Sprinkle enables users to perform queries and generate reports with nominal IT support, this is a form of business intelligence which holds the key in new age data driven culture. Self-service analytics is a simple-to-use BI tool with basic analytics capabilities.

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The tool is capable of handling mighty datasets at once. With its powerful ingesting features, the data can be run in real time which comes in hand when business derives data for real time insights. Sprinkle helps your business with

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With Sprinkle’s REST APIs, users can build powerful machine learning applications and algorithms in the platform of their choice. The ease in building a data pipeline is brought by ML features inculcated in the tool.

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Sprinkle does not store data on its servers. All customer data is stored within the customer's Cloud. Sprinkle offers enterprise grade security with configurable roles, permissions in row level granularity.

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