Intuitive interface

Effortless Report Creation

Say goodbye to complex coding and hello to an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Build stunning reports in minutes, using models, tables, or even writing your own SQL queries.

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“The reporting tasks that could have easily taken 4 to 8 hours can be done with Sprinkle in half an hour, which is a game-changer for us .

Sneha Saha

Lead Data Engineer @BYJU's

Stunning visualisations

Visualise Your Insights

Bring your data to life with a wide range of customisable charts, including line, bar, column, area, pie, scatter, Point map, heat map and more.

Tailor every aspect of your charts, from colours and labels to data points and axes.

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“Sprinkle offers the most comprehensive dashboard features. The Dashboard feature really helps collating the entire business function together with the ability to visualise data using various charts and graphs.”

Sanchit Vijh

Manager - Operations Design @YULU

Go beyond the surface

Drill Down and Understand the “Why?”

  • Drill Down & Up: Explore hierarchical data and uncover deeper insights.
  • Break Out: Analyse how specific measures are distributed across different categories and timeframes.
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Share with your team

Work together seamlessly with granular access control

Sprinkle makes sharing data entities a breeze, fostering effortless collaboration within your team.

Share dashboards, reports, SQL transforms, and more with your colleagues, granting them specific access levels (edit/view/manage etc) to suit their needs.

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Streamlined Teamwork

Collaborate on Data with Ease

Discuss data entities, share insights, and suggest edits directly within the platform.

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Access from Any Device

Mobile-friendly dashboards on the go!

  • Access dashboards anytime, anywhere: View key metrics and insights directly from your mobile browser.
  • Optimized UI for mobile: Sprinkle automatically adjusts the layout for a smooth user experience on smaller screens.

Here’s why you’ll love Sprinkle

Effortless Analysis, Beautiful Results

Free up your IT team from repetitive report generation and allow them to focus on more strategic projects.

Sprinkle BI empowers business users to analyse data independently, saving valuable time and resources.

Gain instant insights

Quickly identify trends and patterns within your data, without getting bogged down in details.

Drive data-driven decisions

Translate complex data into actionable insights that inform strategic choices.

Improve collaboration

Share dashboards with colleagues and stakeholders, fostering transparent and informed communication.

Save time and effort

Eliminate the need for manual report generation and data analysis, freeing up valuable resources.


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