Netenrich success story with Sprinkle

How Netenrich ingest all their marketing data and generate insights for business decisions?



Raghav Kandula
Manager Business Intelligence
"5 Stars! Sprinkledata has become our go-to partner after trying out multiple Data Warehouse (DWH) products in the markets. Their team is well organized, efficient and have great attention to client requests. With continuous support, we have built our Marketing & sales Operational DWH"

About Netenrich

Netenrich is a SaaS-based company founded in 2004. It offers Resolution Intelligence to improve business outcomes. The company drive smarter business outcomes in Network, Security, Digital & Cloud Ops. With its SecOps solution, the company promotes faster response times, greater resilience, and risk management of the highest level. Its operations intelligence platform helps enterprises to solve everyday problems for stable, secure environments and infrastructures.

There are over a thousand employees working in India and the united states. In India, it is headquartered in Hyderabad with other offices in Bangalore and Bhimavaram in Andhra Pradesh. It mainly provides solutions to companies in USA, Canada & India. Its central data team in India is called the business intelligence team.


We interviewed Raghav Kundula to bring out this case study. He has been with Netenrich for over 4 years, heading the Business Intelligence team. Before Netenrich, he had over 8 years of experience in Business Operations, with expertise in Business Intelligence & ETL (Extract, Transform, Load).

The Business Intelligence team at Netenrich is a 5 member team. Though it is a relatively small-sized team, it plays a pivotal role in providing insights to all other teams. Data Science, Business Intelligence (BI) tools & ETL are some of the expertise of the team. They assist sales & marketing by providing them with relevant inputs and removing the redundancies. Thus, enabling them to be more effective and focused on their work. The insights from the BI team also help the strategy & other business teams to make decisions. They are the custodian of all the data residing in different systems and applications. In addition to these, the team manages a variety of software tools used throughout the company.


Raghav’s team works with various types of data sources. The data from different sources are brought to the data warehouse. It is then pulled from the warehouse for various analyses.

The marketing team works to generate leads and increase brand awareness among prospective customers. They use various systems like Facebook ads, Google ads, Linkedin Ads, Google Analytics, Salesforce & Hubspot. Some of these systems' data were ingested into the data warehouse using data integration solutions from another company. The business intelligence team had built data pipelines using those solutions. Their approach was dynamic and result-oriented. They adopted new systems for their tasks based on the requirements. Integration solutions they were using, was unable to provide solutions to their evolving needs. Thus, the team sought solutions that were dynamic and could cater to their needs. After reviewing other data integration solutions available, they found Sprinkle data most suited for their needs.


The team was unable to meet the deadline since the earlier solutions had run into a roadblock. The business intelligence team got in touch with the Sprinkle team. They discussed the problems and brainstormed solutions. The solutions team from Sprinkle understood the various requirements and the expectations around them. And they helped design the complete ingestion pipeline that was needed, using Sprinkle’s integrations.

Together with the help of Sprinkle’s team the BI team built the marketing data pipeline. Sprinkle’s ready-to-use connectors with features like real-time replication, automatic schema mapping, and data security met their needs effectively. The data from various marketing systems are now being ingested into Bigquery. Data in the warehouse is then used by the team members to generate reports & dashboards powering all other teams in Netenrich.

The quest to deliver the complete data pipeline solution for the marketing team hit a few barriers. Business intelligence teams also required LinkedIn ads connectors to infuse data into the warehouse. This connector was not available on Sprinkle at that time. Sprinkle built it up quickly and made that available in record time. Helping the team reach their deadline.

Raghav Says “We had challenged ourselves to deliver in time despite hitting a roadblock with the earlier solution. Sprinkle's swift response helped us meet our deadline. I appreciate the timely assistance provided by the team. Their prompt response sets it apart from the rest. We made the right choice by going ahead with Sprinkle”.


Presently Netenrich ingests all its marketing data spread across different tools into the Bigquery warehouse. Over 1 million rows of data are ingested every day using Sprinkle’s data integration solutions. The Google Analytics data capturing the visits & interactions on their website is pushed into the warehouse. Similarly, data from different campaigns to reach the prospective customers through Facebook, LinkedIn & Google Ads are also being ingested. Based on the analyses, the visitors are pushed as leads for their sales force.

Raghav says “We are able to ingest data in the required format easily using Sprinkle’s data integration solutions. Once the data is in our warehouse, we use it to evaluate our business, design strategies and take required action”.

Data ingestion isn't a concern for the team, and its main focus is on driving insights for the company. Through the Sprinkle solution team's continued assistance despite the variety of issues, the team feels confident and can navigate through all of their data integration challenges.

Raghav says “I would recommend Sprinkle Data to my friends in the industry. They are customer-obsessed in their approach and builds for their customers”.