How Sprinkle Empowers Different Teams

Deep Dive into business metrics on your own

Analyze product and business performance with a simple point and click interface. Deep dive into dashboards without the need to depend on Analysts for all requirements. Define business KPIs and measure across various business dimensions with ease.

Focus on Data Science charter, not on data integration

With Sprinkle, all data is accessible in one place. Instead of spending time on data integration, Data Scientists can focus on building ML model building. Data science team can do EDA on hosted Jupyter Notebooks and then schedule the notebooks to run it as part of the pipeline. They have access to all their favourite tools and libraries like python, Spark etc.

Increase Analyst Productivity with Data Automation

Analysts can spend their time more productively in building data models and defining business KPIs, rather than spending lot of time on data collation and data quality issues. Sprinkle is designed for change. It can automatically discover schema changes and adjust data pipelines. Sprinkle automatically surface up the data quality issues, so lot of manual debugging time is saved. Analysts can integrate any data with few clicks, define transformations and deploy pipelines in minutes.