Sprinkle vs Tableau

Sprinkle Self-serve Data Interface reduces more than 80% of Adhoc report requests and lets the Analytics team focus on Data Modelling and Machine Learning. Sprinkle is a complete Analytics platform unlike Tableau which is merely a Dashboarding Tool.

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Sprinkle is Fast, Agile, Cost-effective & Easy to scale unlike Tableau

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Tableau requires data to be moved within the BI tool, which has following problems:
  • Limitation on the amount of data that can be analysed
  • Expensive Tableau servers as data scale increases
  • Increased operational complexity to manage ETL within Tableau
Sprinkle, on the other hand, works directly on the warehouse and has inbuilt Data Caching layer which makes it super fast. Does not require data to be moved within the BI tool. This provides great flexibility and at the same time more cost-effective as the data scales.

Why do companies prefer Sprinkle over Tableau ?

  • Self-service Analytics for non-Technical users

    Tableau is complex to use. Requires Tableau developers to maintain and make any changes. Sprinkle is easy to use. It can be used by non-Technical users for self-serve data analysis. Non-technical users can create their own dashboard and reports.

  • Sprinkle allows you to work on all the data

    Work on all the data from summarize views to easily drilling-down to granular data points

  • Realtime data refresh with integrated ETL

    Tableau has no or very limited data transformation capabilities. Sprinkle allows users to create transformation pipelines in SQL and python. Sprinkle has inbuilt support for Real time incremental data pipelines.

Why do data teams love Sprinkle ?

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