Sprinkle vs Tableau

Sprinkle Self-serve Data Interface reduces more than 80% of Adhoc report requests and lets the Analytics team focus on Data Modelling and Machine Learning. Sprinkle is a complete Analytics platform unlike Tableau which is merely a Dashboarding Tool

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Ease of Use
Can be used by non-technical users
Requires Expertise
Data Modelling & Metric First Approach
Only a Dashboarding tool
Exploratory Analysis on unlimited Data
Inbuilt Data Preparation & ETL/ELT
Multi-stage Data Pipelines
Realtime Data Refresh
Loading Data make it slow
ML using inbuilt Jupyter Notebooks
Data Catalog
GitHub Integration
SQL Interface
Python Editor
Transform & EDA in python
Create Custom Expression using SQL
Automatic Partition Management
Semi-structured data analysis
Supports nested and complex data types
Automatic Schema Discovery
Row Level Security
Easy to configure
Complex to achieve
Notifications - Slack & Email
Slack and Email
Only Email

Sprinkle is Fast, Agile, Cost-effective & Easy to scale unlike Tableau

Tableau requires data to be moved within the BI tool, which has following problems:
Limitation on the amount of data that can be analysed
Expensive Tableau servers as data scale increases
Increased operational complexity to manage ETL within Tableau
Sprinkle, on the other hand, works directly on the warehouse and has inbuilt Data Caching layer which makes it super fast. Does not require data to be moved within the BI tool. This provides great flexibility and at the same time more cost-effective as the data scales.

Why do companies prefer Sprinkle over Tableau ?

Self-service Analytics for non-Technical users

Tableau is complex to use. Requires Tableau developers to maintain and make any changes. Sprinkle is easy to use. It can be used by non-Technical users for self-serve data analysis. Non-technical users can create their own dashboard and reports.

Sprinkle allows you to work on all the data

Work on all the data from summarize views to easily drilling-down to granular data points

Realtime data refresh with integrated ETL

Tableau has no or very limited data transformation capabilities. Sprinkle allows users to create transformation pipelines in SQL and python. Sprinkle has inbuilt support for Real time incremental data pipelines.

Why customers love us ?

Sprinkle helped us become data enabler

Easy understanding of product is a top-most requirement and it takes very less amount of time for a user to get familiarized with basics in sprinkle. Product gives multiple option to users to get and analyze the data either using segments or custom queries. Integration with external products and dashboards is super easy.

Rajat Jain
Analyst, Udaan

One stop solution for whole data warehousing process.

Sprinkle integrates very well with warehouses and has ability to build data pipelines from multiple data sources. The datasource connectivity of kafka and kinesis gives ability to do realtime analytics over sprinkle and helps end users to take data driven decisions in realtime.

Piyush Sinha
Lead Data Engineer, Yulu

Sprinkle team knows big data domain very well

We are building heterogenous compute clusters for variety of use cases for Cloud and on-premise. Sprinkledata is able to handle all these various scenarios with supreme ease. There customer support is phenomenal and helped us debug some of the anomalies we ran into.

Abhishek Ranjan
Co Founder, Bigzetta systems

Really flexible,supportive in their client support

A great data integration tool which helped our company bring together different data sources like MySQL, Mongodb, Segment and S3. It had all we wanted from a data integration and management platform at one place. Moreover the Sprinkle team is really supportive and flexible in their client support and always available even for smaller questions,

Ambalika Smiti
Manager Analytics, Swiggy

Sprinkle made easy to implement projects faster in our org

Sprinkle helped our analytics team to focus on building models instead of worrying about data. Proactive support from sprinkle makes it easy to implement projects faster in our organisation.

Avinash Kumar
CTO, Aavas Financiers
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