Sprinkle vs Metabase

Sprinkle Self-serve Data Interface reduces more than 80% of Adhoc report requests and lets the Analytics team focus on Data Modelling and Machine Learning.

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Why do companies prefer Sprinkle over Metabase?

  • Ease of Analytics

    Technical or non technical users can easily build their own reports by just selecting and running. In this case stakeholders or business folks no need to rely on analysts to get their desired reports.

  • Powerful Data Preparation & ETL tool

    Extract data from different sources, automatically transform the data according to the data warehouse and blend the data into the warehouse. Data scientists and Data Analysts can easily  prepare the data for the further analysis.

  • Realtime data refresh with integrated ETL

    From ingestion to insights the complete pipeline can be scheduled under real time. Once the data is updated in the source it will be immediately loaded into the data warehouse

  • Flexible ingestion and integrations

    Sprinkle is customizable. Can easily ingest with any data source. As per client requirement sprinkle can develop the connections with the data source. It can easily integrate with different warehouses (Athena, Bigquery, Snowflake, Hive, Data Bricks, Redshift, etc.)

  • Automated data pipelines

    Sprinkle also maintains and manages flexible data pipelines with the growing data from any source. The user’s design, builds and automates their own data pipelines. This allows the users to scale their own tables, clusters, and combine them as per the needs of their business analytics. This flexibility in building one’s own pipeline enables the users to keep up with the growing technology and the transformations with the business’s analytic needs.

Why do data teams love Sprinkle ?

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