Modern Data Architecture

Webinar: September 23, 07:00PM IST / 09:30AM EST

When we think of Data Integration, we think of ETL. ETL was designed more than 2 decades back. Now with the rise of Cloud platforms and Warehouse, there are alternative modern architectures.

What You'll Learn?

  • Why ETL based architecture makes data pipelines slow and brittle
  • Modern approaches to data pipelines
  • How to move to modern architecture in weeks rather than in months


Image Description

Sharad Agarwal

Founder, Sprinkle Data

Sharad is the founder of Sprinkle Data. Before Sprinkle, he lead data teams
at Flipkart and InMobi. He has been active in open source community
for more than 10+ years. He is a Hadoop committer and co-authored
big data open source project Hadoop YARN.