How it Works ?

Get started in minutes with easy to use SaaS platform

Configure connection to your own warehouse in few clicks


Works with your existing warehouse. No need to migrate data

Existing tools continue working with your warehouse

Secure connection that uses encrypted transport

Data is stored only in your warehouse. No data is stored on Sprinkle servers

Zero data lock-in. Discontinue using Sprinkle anytime. All your data always stay with you

Transform data directly on top of your data warehouse. Support two ways of writing transformations:
- Python, pyspark in Jupyter notebooks


Most flexible way to shape the data the way you want using SQL, python or pyspark.

Fully portable transformation code. Zero proprietary transformation rules. Existing Jupyter notebook code or SQL scripts can be used as it is.

No need to define dependencies and complex scheduling rules. Pipeline is automatically assembled based on dependencies.

All data is in one place - raw as well as transformed.

Out of the box incremental data transformations that works with your existing code.

Sprinkle Reporting is optional and free to use. You can also use your own BI tool to connect to warehouse directly.
Sprinkle provides some unique reporting capabilities. You can run reports and build visualizations directly on all your data in warehouse. Sprinkle provides two kinds of reports:
- SQL Reports: Most flexible
- Metric Reports: Most convenient, point and click interface to build report on business metrics.


Business teams can deep dive into data using Metric Reports without the need to write any code.

Automatic refresh of data without the need to specify complex pipeline rules.

Standardize business metrics across the organization with simple metric definition interface

Fine-grained RBAC (role based access controls) to manage what data is visible to whom

Metric Alerts for getting notified whenever business metrics breaches defined thresholds