How it Works ?

Sprinkle is fully managed service with no installation. Just connect your data sources. Define business metrics. And start searching and analyzing billions of records.

Transform and Prepare

Flexible data democratization and preparation.

Sprinkle pulls data from various data sources and transforms the data as per the data warehouse.

Supports structured and unstructured data, complex data types like array and maps. Get high flexibility with schema on read.

For effective analysis, well-defined data is required. With Sprinkle, the user can easily prepare a fact table by joining with various data from different data sources.


Enrich data and define metrics.

Using the prepared fact tables, the data model can be created easily that allows business users to define business metrics using a simple point and click UI.

Auto infers important measures and dimensions that analysts can override and augment.

The tool comes handy for business teams as its build models are self-served i.e. in a single click Sprinkle defines business KPIs and builds Dashboards which allows in-depth learning.

AI and ML

Exploratory Data Analysis.

Without an ETL tool, the user wouldn’t be able to perform predictive analysis. Data could be scattered, sitting in various data sources and they need to be brought together to build a fact table.

Data is important for predictive analysis, the user can build their own well-defined data from different data sources with Sprinkle.

Using sprinkle libraries, you can pull this data into the notebooks and start your analysis.

Update the training data set automatically to predict precisely.