How it Works

Sprinkle is fully managed service with no installation. Just connect your data sources. Define business metrics. And start searching and analyzing billions of records.

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Getting started

How it works

Bring all your data together

Connect and combine all of your data sources through our integrations into a single platform.

  • Acquire, enrich and join data across diverse sources.
  • Sprinkle manages timely refresh of ingested datasets, their lifecycle and configured enrichment pipelines.
  • For large datasets Sprinkle has configurable retention policies and in-built support for snapshots and incremental data.
  • Explore Integrations
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Enrich data and define metrics

Sprinkle allows business users to define business metrics using simple point and click UI.

  • Auto infer important measures and dimensions that analyst can override and augment.
  • Supports structured and unstructured data, complex data types like array and maps. Get high flexibility with schema on read.
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Get actionable insights faster

Ask any question and get instant answers through search powered by Sprinkle knowledge graph

  • Sprinkle creates knowledge graph on top of data and uses smart caching algorithms to provide fast search driven analytics.
  • Create powerful visualizations, dashboards and reports that get auto-refreshed and share them across your organisation.
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