Data Operations Platform

Combine all of your data sources into a single platform for powerful analysis and insights through our ecosystem of integrations.

Get everything together

Connect, join and enrich data from multiple sources into a single platform with our integrations.
Automatic schema
Sprinkle automatically maps source schemas to big data types providing complete flexibility in modelling data sources.
Incremental data
For large datasets, Sprinkle supports ingesting incremental data like just the "new events", thus reducing load on resources.
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Enrich and prepare

Sprinkle allows business users to define business metrics using simple point and click UI.
Automatic Data Pipelines
Sprinkle manages ingested datasets, their lifecycle and configured enrichment pipelines.
Automatic dependency management
Sprinkle automatically figures out and manages data dependency.
Get complete control over when and how data refreshes with incremental snapshots.

Governance and Security

Sprinkle offers enterprise grade security with configurable roles, permissions in row level granularity.
Data Governance & Security
Enterprise friendly data governance with unified definitions, roles and permissions.
Single Sign-On
Sprinkle integrates with your existing authentication and authorization system for seamless experience.

Self Served Analytics

Sprinkle offers deep-dive functionality even for users with minimal technical knowledge. This feature solely focuses on the business metrics of the enterprise.
Business Metrics
Sprinkle enables users to have a business KPI first approach and deep Dive into business metrics for insights
Easily create reports with simple point and click UI. Share them across with your organization.

Multiple ways to access

Sprinkle provides multiple ways to access your data and perform analysis via web, mobile apps, APIs and embedded widgets.
API Access
Sprinkle exposes full set of public APIs for supporting powerful extensions.
Embedded analytics
Build, extend and embed Sprinkle analytics with our full-range of public APIs and widgets.
Access everything on the go with Sprinkle mobile apps for Android and iOS.
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