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Sprinkle Democratizes Data with an easy to use visual interface. With Sprinkle no-code Data Platform, Analytics team focus on Data Modelling & Machine Learning, not on data plumbing & Reporting

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Why do data teams love Sprinkle ?

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Why do companies prefer Sprinkle Data over other tools ?

  • Interactive data analysis on the entire data in the data lake to non-technical users

    Unlike other BI tools, Sprinkle does not require data to be loaded in the BI tool. It works directly on the data warehouse. With the smart caching and data partitioning, provides interactive speed of analysis.

  • Data Modelling & Visualization using Drag and Drop interface

    Define business metrics on raw data using drag and drop interface. Define Joins, Hierarchical Dimensions, custom expressions all from the UI.

  • Real time Data Pipelines

    Sprinkle integrates with all popular databases, ERPs, CRM, event queues, files, No SQL systems. Automatic schema mapping and change data capture using binlog replication automates the entire data engineering process.

  • Super fast and easy to create Transformations Pipelines

    Inbuilt SQL and python editor. Integrates with Jupyter notebooks. Test, validate and schedule all from one place.

  • Data Discovery with easy to search Data Catalog

    Catalog of all data, raw & processed, structured and semi-structured in one place.

  • Management/Control & Security

    Full control on Alerts, scheduling, notifications, and downloads. Role based access control. Data level row level controls for different roles