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our story
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Our team has worked extensively with data while building analytics systems for companies like Flipkart, Inmobi, and Yahoo. These companies succeed by maintaining dedicated teams of data scientists, business analyst and engineers churning out reports and insights.

Meanwhile lot of other companies are unable to leverage their data assets, in spite of heavy investments. For them, using or getting new insight is long and tedious process involving complicated scripts, multiple data sources and days of efforts.

The reason is having a data driven capability requires

  • Integrating multiple tools
  • Long implementation cycles
  • Above all the right team of data engineers

We realized that most organisations struggle for simple self-serve reporting and data exploration. So we set out to build solution that will help all companies leverage data like the leading companies.


Businesses today need to adapt faster with ever evolving customer requirements and preferences. Sprinkle helps you manage these expectations with agile analytics platform that meets changing needs with ease.

We started Sprinkle with the goal to simplify end to end data analytics for organisations, so that they don’t worry about integrating data from various sources, changing schemas and managing pipelines.

We built a platform that empowers everyone in the organisation to browse and dig deeper into the data without any technical background.